Raising Creatine Levels For A Urine Test

If you have ever had a urine drug screening, you know how tricky cheating a urine test can be. Labs keep updating their methods and equipment. Spending millions of dollars, just to find out if you smoke weed.

Not only is that a waste of cash. Its also a major hurdle that us otherwise law abiding citizens have to face.

Until cannabis is completely legal nation wide or better privacy laws are put into place. We are going to have to stay ahead of the game.



Urine Creatine Levels

One of the oldest tricks in the book is diluting urine. Thats drinking so much water that all you pee is water.

It used to work great!

That was when all they did was check for drug metabolites, like THC. But, like I said times have changed and these guys have became better at detecting this.

Now labs do way more then just check for THC. They test for a wide range of compound that are usually found in human pee.

One of those compounds is Creatine, or creatinine.

If the your urine has no creatine or the level is below a certain point. Its considered diluted, adulterated or tampered with, a.k.a, you fail.


How to Get Your Creatine Levels Up

So, you decided to drink enough water to get THC levels low enough to pass.

The problem is your urine is so clear that there is no way you’ll pass the creatine check.

Theres a few ways you can raise the level of creatine in your urine. Here are two basic ways

  • Eat Meat – Creatine is a part of every protein. You can eat meat, cheese and dairy to get a boost. Organs have even more per ounce.
  • Supplements -The simplest and fastest way to boost creatine levels is to take a supplement.

Eating meats, eggs, fish or taking a supplement before a screening, increases the amount creatine in y our urine.

One serving of creatine powder is about 5 grams. That is about the same as one chicken breast. Supplements are also considered to be generally safe. But if you take too much creatine on a regular bases. Keep your kidneys safe, by drinking plenty of fluids.


Creatine or creatinine

Ok, so whats the difference between the two?

It’s simple, creatine is the compound thats found naturally in foods or sold as a supplement. Creatinine is the metabolized by product of creatine.

So if you eat a steak, your stomach digests it and breaks it down into proteins.  Its then further broken down by the liver and kidneys.

Once creatine is metabolized, it becomes creatinine, which is found in normal, healthy pee. From food, it takes about 2 hours for creatine to turn into creatinine.

It don’t matter if it came from food or a supplement. The end product is exactly the same.


But Will You Pass?

Simple enough right, Drink enough water to dilute your pee. Then take a supplement or eat to get raise your levels.

Not so fast, there is a couple of problems here.

  • Taking a creatine powder will add creatinine to your urine, but thats all it will do. Regular urine is full of other minerals and labs check for all of them.
  • Eating will raise your metabolic rate. Freeing THC from your body fat and increases the amount in the blood stream.


No Good

Yes, drinking a lot of water is the best way to lower THC levels in urine.

But, since it creates other complications, it’s not really the best way to pass a drug test.

Taking Creatine is not a detox, its a failed attempt at masking.

There are other methods that may improve your chances. Some of which are not really safe and can cause health problems, like using Niacin to flush out Marijuana. Or even worse, using drinking potable aqua tablets .

Others like adding adulterants like bleach or Aspirin also don’t work.

The only way to really get marijuana out of your system is by staying clean for at least 3 months.

The most reliable, but no 100% way to pass otherwise is to try using a detox drink, or subbing.


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  • I am having a problem with dilutes. I'm not drinking any water maybe two cups of coffee in morning. I'm pregnant so I pee at least 5 times throughout night. I eat before I go to sleep. What do I do to ensure I don't get another dilute??

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