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Top 3 THC Detox Drinks 2017

Here is a list of the 3 best THC detox products available now. Below the list, you have information on how we rated and compiled this list as well.


#1 : CertoClear

Unlike every other product, CertoClear is a powder mix that you add water too. I can speak out of personal experience when I say this stuff works. I use it, recommend it and stand by it. I have yet to hear of anyone that I personally know that hasn’t passed a drug test with it.

Let me tell you a quick story. A Friend of mine that smokes pot multiple times a day. Eats like a horse and also weighs about as much was in a situation that required he be drug screened within 24hrs. We know how THC is stored in the body and this dude is well into the “obese category“, so his chances where slim to none. Not trying to play him out, just being honest.

Anyway, he was in luck, I had recently ordered a couple of packets and had them handy. I wasn’t sure if it would be strong enough or work fast enough for him. But, it did!

CertoClear is legit and the reviews online prove it.

The only problem is that it is only available online through their site and Amazon. So plan ahead or just do what I do and keep a couple of packs ready. If you don’t open them, a packet of Certoclear can last at least a year or so.

  • Average price is $25 to $30 per 2 pack



#2: QCarbo32

A classic in the detox world that has had mixed reviews lately, but positive for the most part. Qcarbo is available almost every where from the grocery store to your nearest health supplement shop. Really, it doesn’t matter where in the US you are, you can get a bottle of Qcarbo32 off the shelf.

Because its so available and fairly reliable, I have to include it in this list.

Qcarbo32 vs Qcarbo16 : In case you have came across this THC flush before and have wondered what was the difference, there is none. The number represents the ounces, 32oz or 16oz. Always go for the 32oz, although it costs more, your chances of passing a drug test will be better. If you can’t wait for your oder of Certoclear, gab this.

  • Average price is about $25 to $40 per bottle



#3: Detoxify Ready Clean

More of an honorable mention. Ready Clean has had so fairly bad reviews lately. In the past it has been considered as one of the best THC detox drinks, but recent reviews tell another story. It is possible that they have mad changes to their formula or more likely, urine testing has gotten better. What the issue is exactly, its hard to tell.

In a pinch, if no other choices are available, Ready Clean is worth a shot.

This detox uses the old fashion method flushing out THC without replenishing minerals. Almost every UA screening checks for “dilution”. Dilution is when you drink so much water your urine is totally void of creatine.  That will trigger a false positive and the urine sample is void. Unlike Certoclear and Qcarb which both replenish minerals that are usually found in urine.

  • Average Price $15 per bottle



How we Rated these Products


Rating products like this is no easy task. There are so many detox drinks available online and in stores. At first it seemed impossible to get started. What products should be rated and how should we go about rating them. So here is a summery of what we did and how we determined what the best detox drinks are.

At first we decided to gather a huge list of every detox we can find. From the stuff thats sold “over the counter” to online only. It didn’t take long to figure out that that was a bad idea. Once the list went over 50, it was decided that the man power needed to research this was not going to happen.

So we asked around, from friends and family to personal use. This generated a list of less than 10 and was way more manageable. From that list a handful was dropped immediately. For example, one product in particular was mentioned 3 times and each mention was a fail. Such products were easy to drop from consideration.

Another example is the product we rated  #1. This was easy to rate, due to personal experience, but we didn’t stop there.

Once the list was slimed down to the top 3, we took it another step further. We took into consideration that some labs may test differently than others and although one product may work well here, it may possible not work well in other states or labs. So to get around this problem, we searched the net for reviews, forum posts and asked for personal experience from others.


Here is a break down of what we have determined through all of this:

  • About 88% of the people that have used CertoClear it to pass a urine drug screening have passed
  • Qcarbo trailed closely with about 68%
  • Ready Clean had a pass rate below 50%

As you may have noticed none of them had a 100% pass rate. This can be due to user error, a high body fat percentage and/or a history of very heavy use. So it goes without saying that the only way to be 100% certain of passing is to not use weed for at least three months.


Marijuana is one of the most widely used drugs on earth and legalization reform is spreading quickly. But even still there is a lot of resistance and stigma that surround marijuana and pot smokers. Even states that have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. Employers demand drug test and won’t hirer anyone that tests positive for THC.

Because of this, we are forced to use detox products that help flush THC out of your system quicker than naturally possible. So, to help our fellow Medical Marijuana users that are in state that have decriminalized marijuana, we decided to list the best THC detox drinks.


I hope it helps


Notice: Depending on your situation and state. It might be illegal to use a THC cleansing drink. We take no liability, this is just for informational purposes. Know the law and don’t break it. Ultimately, its your decision.


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